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Start hiring online in 10 minutes with our industry templates

Imagine if signing up
seasonal workers was as easy as
sending them a link?

Seasonal hiring—tips and insights


With PICMI, job seekers check themselves against key criteria, run through induction materials, provide valid data like tax and bank details and digitally sign a contract.

Job seekers know straight-away if they have a job or not.

Get job seekers signed up quickly and ready to work 


Let your team get back to the work that matters

Let our simple online service take care of paperwork, inductions, compliance reporting and tracking vacancies. Seasonal employees are managed in one place!

Integrate and automate your process

Seasonal employee data is shared securely into your payroll and workforce management systems. No data entry, no issues with incorrect or invalid data. Use our industry templates for data collection and contracts and be compliant, efficient and meet best practice.


Our Integration Partners

Get your data where it matters.



hours saved
per worker


of seasonal
positions filled


mins from apply
to signed contract


of job seekers who start,
sign a contract


Anywhere, Anytime

PICMI is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution accessible from any device. Secure or easy to use.



Whether you sign up one or 1000 workers, overnight or across the season, PICMI can handle it.


Configurable process

Choice of customisable industry-based templates and as well as bring-your-own contracts and induction material to suit your business needs.


Compliance management

All employee details and contracts are securely accessible to you and workers at the click of a button.


Save time and money

No paperwork, no effort from you. Reduce the time to hire by 70% and get back to focusing on the work that matters.



Get the right data in the right systems. Whether payroll or worker management systems, no manual data entry, missing data or errors.

You are in great company this season

Some of the amazing companies that we work with


Mark Ballantyne

Pro Kiwi

“It’s hard to imagine us going back to all the paper contracts and how we used to do things. Nobody was making money with that process.”

Andrew Clayton
Korere Hops

PICMI provides a fully integrated online service to inform our decisions and reduce our paper requirement. We just don’t have a paper requirement for HR at all now. It's phenomenal really.”

Michaela Horcinova,
Southern Cross Horticulture

“With PICMI there is less paper, no more photocopying and no more explaining. It's all there set up and ready to go. It's changed how we do our induction and made the hiring process much easier.”

Why our customers love PICMI


Only pay when job seekers sign a contract

No setup fees and no monthly fees.

With PICMI, confidence is just the beginning. Use our simple calculator to find out how much you could save.

Calculate your cost savings

A bit about Seasonal Hiring

What is Seasonal Hiring?

It is attracting and recruiting temporary staff for periods on a part or full-time basis and can be with either casual or fixed-term contracts.

What is the nature of Seasonal Hiring?

It comes in burst and troughs through the year that can be hard to manage. It is particularly hard when there is high demand for a workforce. Most employers are swamped with the work of finding and attracting workers through emails, local newspapers, phone calls and job posting boards. Usually, employers are ensuring that there are enough people arriving at a place and time for a job. Sometimes this can be planned ahead and sometimes it is only the night before. In signing up the people you need, you also need to cater for people you don't want back, ensuring people fit the job at hand, people not turning up and repeating a induction over and over again as well as ensuring they get paid.

How does Standard Hiring work?

Standard Hiring is tailored to finding the best person or candidate for a role. Usually, employers are asking which person will be hired for the role? Standard hiring is usually recruiter-focused, is often too slow for job seekers, working at the speed of the recruiter, and is costly because it requires CVs/resumes assessments and face-to-face meetings with candidates.

Why is Seasonal Hiring different from Standard Hiring?

Employing seasonal workers requires no face-to-face interview as part of the criteria to offer a job. The employee an application and receives an employment agreement immediately if they met the written criteria and are willing. All requirements for information are provided upfront and no personal information is disclosed until the application is accepted.

What are the major parts of a Seasonal Hiring process?

The design requires removing barriers for job seekers through ensuring that once you contact a job seeker they can complete the process. There are many ways to reduce the need for—and often remove—interviews. 1. Work out the simplest set of critical hiring criteria (personal, health & safety, payroll) 2. Provide all requirements upfront to the job seeker including your expectations like induction material 3. Let the job seeker make the decision if they can meet your standards and issue a legally binding contract 4. Send out invites and ensure that applications can be completed in one sitting! (eg 30 mins) 5. Save all this information such that it can be easily accessed by both the employer and employee 6. Ensure that any information is automatically shared with other systems to be available when the person starts 7. Use this information as historic data for future staffing decisions (returnees, timings, levels)

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