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PICMI is the only recruiting tool built for seasonal hiring

Imagine if signing up seasonal workers
was as easy as sending them a link?

Immediate access for job seekers—send an email and they sign directly. We process the jobseekers you find. Consistently. Quickly

Start hiring online in 10 minutes with our industry templates.
Pay only for accepted hires.
Free personalised customisation.
Paperless. Compliant.


Finally, Hire at the Pace you Need—80% acceptance rate within 24 hours of starting to apply

Say goodbye to lengthy setups and hello to overnight onboarding! Immediately be notified of application status changes.

Job seekers hate waiting and end up going somewhere else—70% of jobseekers complete their application in under 60 mins and even faster for returning workers.



Honestly, Traditional Recruiting Isn’t Suited to Seasonal Hiring

Success in seasonal recruitment is knowing that you fill a job with as many people as you need. Traditional hiring is focussed on individual candidates. 

Seasonal operators will tell you 50% of people don’t turn up on the first day, and another 30% aren’t there at the end of the first week. Demand PICMI’s predictability of 90% first-day attendance rate because PICMI's process of greater transparency increases people's commitment to arrive and stay.

Step #1 Setup

Create Jobs Within   10 Mins 

Use our half dozen industry templates with fixed or casual contracts that work across dozens of industries like: 


  • Horticulture

  • Kiwifruit 

  • Summerfruit 

  • Viticulture

  • Poultry 

  • Fishing

  • Hops

  • Apples & Pears


Attract job seekers your way—put the link to PICMI in your job ads or send personal email invites. 

Setup once and the results are endless because PICMI does the management for you all visible through a dashboard.


Step #2 Apply

Job Seekers Signup All Within 1 Hour (And No Effort From You)

Job seekers apply through PICMI to see if  they meet your criteria— each employment agreement is personalised to the worker and job. 


Job seekers do the work in their time and check themselves against your criteria:

  • Induction

  • Personal details

  • Bank

  • Tax Status

  • Health & safety declarations

  • Agree to contract and sign online


100% error-free, paperless and compliant—IR330 and Kiwisaver gone forever!


Step #3 Track

All Job Seekers Progress In One Place

Leverage your data to stay ahead of the game, always be compliant and paperless and don’t settle for guesswork.


Track job seekers all the way through from attracting and assessing to onboarding:


  • Drop-off rates 

  • Vacancies 

  • Diversity 

  • Worker preferences

  • Notification emails sent

  • Details integrated to payroll and on-orchard systems

Step #4 Share

Export Your Data Automatically Or Manually In 1 Click

Export the data for easy sharing with other systems like payroll and labour management software.  Upon accepting an application, details are immediately created in other systems.


Unlike other companies that take months, we add new integrations that you need within a week. 


For people who manage things like hiring, pay, safety, and day-to-day work, they have accurate and easily accessible worker information 100% auditor-ready for compliance.


Focus on people, not the paperwork.



Free Personalised Recommendations By Our Seasonal Hiring Experts

We will make ongoing recommendations to your application workflow included free of charge. Done by experts in seasonal hiring, it is customisable to your jobs and contracts.

We Keep You Up To Date With Compliance Requirements

We track changes to ensure you meet Employment, Privacy and digital signing laws, and industry regulations like GLOBAL GAP, GRASP and CAV as well as tax status like IR330 and KiwiSaver.

Boost Your Hiring Success with PICMI! Hire Right, Faster, and Without Extra Admin Costs

Boost Your Hiring Success with PICMI!
Hire Right, Faster, and Without Extra Admin Costs


Michaela Horcinova,
Southern Cross Horticulture

Without PICMI I wouldn't have been able to employ 50 people in 15 days. Usually, it would have taken me around 3 weeks to do that and nothing else. With PICMI we've hired the volume of staff we need and I've been able to do the rest of my job as well. It's a massive time saver.

Get Started Now and Secure Workers Effortlessly in Just 10 Minutes!

Set up yourself immediately ready to hire and only pay when job seekers sign a contract. Customers usually have 10% customised to their needs. We can help you complete your personalised process within one day.

First 5 contracts are free

Test the job link yourself, no demo needed

No setup fees and no monthly fees

Unlimited free business and job seeker users 

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