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Compare PICMI against others

We are streamlined to high-volume seasonal hiring like no other. Please check us out against anyone else.

Pricing Model
Free business accounts
Free unlimited job seeker accounts
Free setup/configuration
Free unlimited job seeker applications
Free all features
Free trial (up to 5 signed contracts)
Pay as you go for signed contracts
No monthly/annual subscription
Stop at any point
Privacy Policy
Explicit consent to disclose/use data
Secure transport
Multiple Jobs
Multiple Application flows
Multiple Contracts/Employment Agreements
Application and contract reuse
Industry standard employment agreements
Target individual job seekers (easy to QR code)
Linked into other recruitment sites/links
Vacancy levels
Application withdrawal
Offer withdrawal
Contract termination
Contract re-issue (changed terms)
Business access all information
Job seeker access all their information
Printable/PDF contracts
Confirm dual signed contracts
Confirm minimum pay rates
Legal signing process (eSignature)
Bargaining in good faith
Data Integration
Export data (CSV or JSON)
Open API
Reports and Analytics
Track applications per job
Track progress per job seeker
Administrator Rights
Groups and privileges
Q4 2023
Access control to specific sections
Q4 2023
Social Proof
Ease of job seeker use
Ease of business user use
Cloud-based (desktop and mobile)
English (with Google Translate)

Global GAP Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP)

At a high level, PICMI really helps with your GRASP

* Related
Confirmation that there is an Employees’ Representative
Confirmation that there is a complaints procedure for employees
Self-Declaration from the orchard owner on good social practices (including commitment to the International Labour Organisation core labour conventions)
Access to national labour regulations
That workers have signed contracts
That there are regular payments of employees’ wages
Payment of at least national minimum wages or according to bargaining agreement
Non-employment of minors
That children of workers who live on the orchard have access to compulsory school education
Time recording system for employees
Safe working hours and adequate breaks

* PICMI allows for this to be included as information as part of the application process but cannot be confirmed in practice


Agreement to Recruit (ATR) for
Recognised Seasonal Employers (RSE)

Once you’re granted Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) status, you still need to apply for an Agreement to Recruit (ATR). PICMI helps you with:

RSE Status
Positions available
Genuine attempt to recruit
Pastoral care
Recruitment outside the Pacific
Employment agreements
Payment of at least national minimum wages or according to bargaining agreement
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