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What is the type of foundation?

The type of foundation is a concrete basement.

How old is the septic?

The septic is brand new.

How many bedrooms are on septic?

There are 3 bedrooms on septic.

Is septic inspection passed?

Yes, the septic inspection passed.

Where is the septic located?

The septic is located in the back yard, right side.

When was the last time the septic was pumped?

The septic was never pumped because it is brand new.

What is the furnace age?

The furnace is brand new.

How old is the water tank?

The water tank is brand new.

What is the type of heating system?

The heating system is forced air.

Was all electrical/plumbing replaced?

All electrical/plumbing is brand new.

What is the age of the roof?

The roof is brand new.

How old is the siding?

The siding is brand new.

When was the landscaping last done?

The landscaping was recently done.

What materials did you use in the patio/deck?

The materials used in the patio/deck are azec and paver.

Does the seller have an As-Built plan?

Yes, the seller have an As-Built plan.

Is the property part of an association?

The property is not part of an association.

Could you give us a rough estimate of the monthly utilities for gas, electric and water or anything else that is recurring?

Since everything is brand new, there is no rough estimate available.

Is there a security system in place?

No, there is not a security system available.

What type of stone is the countertop on the kitchen island?

The type of stone on the countertop of the kitchen island is quartz pure white.

What is the type of flooring?

The type of flooring is hardwood.

How old are the floors?

The floors are brand new.

How old are the doors?

The doors are brand new.

Where is the washer/dryer located?

The washer/dryer is located on the ground floor.

Was the renovation done with permits?

The renovation was done with permits.

Can a pool be added in the back yard?

Yes, a pool can be added in the back yard.

What is the closest spot to access the beach?

The closest spot to access the beach is 4 to 5 miles.

What is included in the sale?

All the appliances and washer and dryer

What is not included in the sale?

The furniture.