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See how easy it can be hiring high volumes of job seekers with PICMI's instant seasonal hiring. Select a day and time for our team to walk you through how easy it is for job seeker’s to agree to contracts and how PICMI can significantly reduce time spent on record-keeping and paperwork and ensure you meet your compliance and audit requirements.

We can also cover some of the advanced features which:

Allow flexibility to have multiple job descriptions, different employment agreements and pay rates
Set vacancies levels
Manage no-shows and terminations
Tie in easily with other recruitment strategies such as social media and job sites
How to extract information needed to analyse seasonal employment patterns

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We get it, choosing tools to add to your business tech stack is complex. If you haven’t looked at what it takes to handle high volume seasonal hiring, do so now!

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We know we all want to source more workers, but sourcing job seekers isn't PICMI's gig—we help you instantly convert your job seekers to workers. 

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