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Share data between systems

Data about your seasonal workers needs to flow through to your other business systems like payroll or orchard management software. No more copy and paste, no more re-typing. PICMI is designed not only to export data easily, but to export it in a way that makes it easy to share directly with any other business systems.

Compliance and Paperless Contracts

All application details at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime

Never be caught out without a signed contract or not being able to access it easily. All contracts and the responses to the application are available against the job seeker.

Data Export

Integrate PICMI with your existing business tech

No system is an island and you’ll always need to get data in and out of PICMI. All your data is available for either machines to retrieve (your tech geeks will call this an API) or us mere humans to download. Either way, it’s easy.

Integration partners

We are proud to partner with trusted software products in payroll and workforce management. Together, we provide seamless data integration that you can rely on.

We're adding new systems all the time. So if you don't see your system here, please get in touch and we'll let you know when it's coming.

Workforce Management

Tātou provide workforce management tools for horticultural employers to remove pen & paper from their businesses. Collect job data and timesheets using Tātou's compliant and easy-to-use platform.


iPayroll is a proven cloud-based payroll solution. We provide an easy-to-use, feature-rich payroll solution suitable for small businesses with a few employees, a group of businesses, a franchise, or an enterprise business with several hundred employees, in any industry.


PayHero is online payroll software built for compliance, accuracy and ease of use. It is an easy to use platform for employees to record time, view pay history, request leave, track their leave balances and view their previous payslips.


Crystal Payroll is a New Zealand-designed system for New Zealand businesses. Its Horticulture and Agriculture feature has been created specifically to streamline the complex payroll intricacies associated with these sectors. As you would expect, Crystal Payroll can deal with multiple piece rates, paid breaks, minimum wage auto top-up, Seasonal Worker Super Administration Service programme (SWSAS), and more.

Integration partners

Save yourself a headache with better employee data flows

Book a time to talk through how PICMI can slot into your existing processes and streamline your hiring.

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