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From apply to accept in 20mins

With the PICMI instant end-to-end application process, a job seekers’ fit is checked as they go making it easy for them to say ‘yes’ by digitally signing your contract.  With PICMI, only collect the information that matters while giving job seekers more information about your job.


Complete applications seamlessly

Job seekers need to know where they stand and what is required of them. Between filling in personal details, answering your key questions and completing declarations, they also can watch the necessary induction videos and read anything else you need. While you don’t want to add too much, the trick is to give this material up front. The application can include questions to confirm that job seekers understand this material too. We also know that it is good to give the job seeker the ability to read the contract too!


Saying ‘I agree’ fast

The secret sauce in any deal making is closing. PICMI has it nailed for you. The jobseeker will have an offer when they correctly completed all the information you need. At this point, the job seeker then accepts the offer by agreeing. The contract is digitally signed and they now have a legal employment agreement. That is one very happy job seeker!

Invite Users

“Goodbye paperwork” to invite your pre-vetted job seekers

Send email invites to job seekers who are pre-vetted. This works when you already have processes to do this and you need to sign them up quickly and meet all your legal requirements.

Link from external sites

“Straight-through” hiring for easy accept

From job board to contract, get the volume of job seekers you want. Job seekers follow the PICMI link from external sites and can apply directly. See the testimonials from our customers that have taken this step and haven’t looked back. In fact, they just watched the job seekers roll in. Sound like you?

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