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Join us every Wednesday for a weekly live demo of PICMI

Seasonal hiring just got faster!

This year, securing your seasonal workers is even more critical. Let PICMI sign up your workers fast and make your job their first choice so you can get back to focusing on the work that matters.

Standard HR tech is not a good fit for seasonal hiring


 It takes too much time and effort to get up and running

Don't get a one-size fits all but rather a tool that is fit for purpose


Jobseekers will take another job while they’re waiting to make it through the pipeline hiring process

Hiring needs to be instant


Don't pay every month for something you only use for part of the year

Just pay when a job seeker signs a contract

“If we get to a point where a couple of workers drop off, or we need to hire more - it's been really easy to just flip the PICMI switch, hire and then move on.”

— Mark Ballantyne,
Finance Manager, Pro Kiwi

“PICMI is really easy for jobseekers to use. They don't have to come all the way into the office anymore.


And I've forgotten how hard it used to be for us. Now I just send the email (from the couch!) and then check in the morning.”

— Michelle Reekie,
Owner, Reekie Trust

“With PICMI there is less paper, no more photocopying and no more explaining. It's all there set up and ready to go. It's changed how we do our induction and made the hiring process much easier.”

— Michaela Horcinova,
Seasonal Labour Partner,
Southern Cross Horticulture

Why our customers love PICMI


We understand seasonal work.

Hiring comes in bursts so your pricing reflects that. Only pay for what you use, when you need it.

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