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Berry Farms NZ gets certainty with PICMI

We spent time with Lisa Rose when we were in Hawkes Bay to check in on their seasonal hiring.

We can't say we've got this job in two weeks; it's more like we need all these people for tomorrow as the fruit is all ready at the same time. PICMI has made hiring faster, more efficient and less time-consuming for me. No back-and-forth, and I can get people started quicker.

And we were delighted to find that the value of PICMI is being felt across their business.

We don't have to have tonnes of paper or deal with filing cabinets anymore. I just send our payroll person a spreadsheet and it is has everything she needs. It's saved her hours!

You can read more about Berry Farms NZ and the changes they've been able to make with PICMI in this article in the Agri-View section of the Bay of Plenty Times.


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