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Central Otago growers are securing workers fast

Kris from Clyde Orchards started using PICMI in late September and he signed up 90 workers in 2 weeks.

He now puts the link to PICMI in the job ads on his website. Jobseekers come straight through to apply and sign a contract if they meet the key criteria. On the way, they do a basic induction and their details are then available to go through into Clyde’s payroll system. PICMI manages the number of workers needed—and there’s not a sheet of paper in sight.

Gretchen from Strode Road Orchard got in touch with Genevieve at PICMI before the Summerfruit Conference so she could be set up and ready for the coming season. She wanted to save time in the paperwork so she could focus more on the people and has been delighted with the results.

“Normally during these school holidays I am running around like a mad thing spending hours on my computer to-ing and fro-ing and I just haven't had that since I've had PICMI. I can just lock in with someone and send out the link and boom it's done.”

She’s also finding that job seekers appreciate the streamlined approach to knowing if they have a job or not, and for her, the online process is helping to get good workers.

“If people are willing to go through the online process and sign the contract and do the induction (most people take just under 30mins), then they are a keeper and we want them to work with us.”

Maree from Central Organics saw Genevieve talk at the Summerfruit Conference and when she got in touch afterwards, she was worried that it might take weeks and months to get set up with new technology. She was delighted when Genevieve was able to set her up with the standard templates in their demo meeting! Maree then added their induction video, and now she is underway signing up workers.

“It was very speedy. We had to update our induction video and then once we gave it to you the turnaround was very fast. It was awesome.”

If you'd like to find out more about how PICMI could get the same results for you, please get in touch to book a demo. Or, if you're ready to start now, take PICMI for a test-drive and you can be ready to start hiring online in 15mins with our industry-standard templates. The app is free to use, you only get charged for signed contracts and your first 5 contracts are free.

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