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RSE workers hired through PICMI without leaving their island homes

"Doing it digitally skips all the unnecessary duplication that costs time and money."

This month, Reekie Trust is featured in The Orchardist with Ashlyne Kauha, one of their RSE workers who was able to use PICMI to sign up for employment from her remote island home in Vanuatu.

Previously, Ashlyne would have had to take a three-day trip to Port Vila to apply for the job—with many paper documents and copies being passed through agents. Since signing up her own contract through PICMI, she has now also gone on to help others in her village use PICMI to secure their employment with Reekie Trust.

It was exciting for us to support Michelle Reekie and her returning RSE workers to speed up the paperwork processes and reduce stress along the way.

You can read the article in the March issue of The Orchardist. You'll see the photo of Ashlyne proudly showing the email which confirmed her employment contract.

If you want to find out how PICMI can help with dramatically reducing the time to sign up RSE workers and complete the ATR form, please get in touch to book a demo today.


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