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Setup in 10mins

Pick from our industry templates and you can be hiring online in 10mins. Really. We know you don't believe us because tech always turns out to be way harder than promised. Put us to the test by taking a test drive yourself or book a demo for us to show you the way.

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Job applications

Customise applications in minutes

PICMI has a library of standard workflows and employment contracts but you can also customise these to your own hiring process. 

  • Include your own induction materials, including videos

  • Collect all necessary personal details and declarations

  • Add your own contracts with the ability to substitute text from responses

  • Use a single application flow across multiple listings

Listing details

Let your job seekers know about the job

The starting point of any application is the details about the job itself. Honestly, it's pretty standard with title, description, location, dates, rates and photos. We just try to make it as easy as possible for you to enter and for job seekers to understand.

Know your job seeker

Gather the right information

You might be surprised by the size of the minimum set of information you need to collect from job seekers. Actually, we’ve slimmed it down so that most job seekers only need to spend 20 minutes entering the key information about themselves. But don’t worry we’ll get you covered to ensure that you collect the necessary personal details, payroll information and health and safety declarations and those pesky other details!

Know your employer

Easily tell job seekers about yourself

Not only do you need to know about job seekers, but they also need to know about you. You can easily add your own induction materials (like videos and written materials) and your employment contract is available up-front for them to read before signing. By giving that little bit extra you stand out from the crowd with no surprises!


Set the bucket size for any job

Stay in control of how many people can apply. With PICMI, you can set limits on the bucket size of applicants for a job. With the limit met, no applicants get through until the limit increases.

Application and contract reuse

Standardise and reuse to reduce your effort

Imagine for each new job the only thing you had to do was to add the job specific details. With PICMI we’ve designed it that way because in most cases the application and contract are only different by the job and job seeker. Yup, it’s one of those times when technology speeds things up!

Save yourself a headache with better application flows

Book a time to talk through how PICMI can slot into your screening process and streamline your hiring.

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