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Seasonal hiring needs a different approach

Here are 3 reasons why standard HR software is not a good fit for the burst nature of seasonal hiring.


It takes too much time and effort to get up and running

Have you been through this with financial or orchard management software? It looks so easy on the website, but by the time you’ve got it set up and ready to use, you’ve forgotten why you thought it would be a good idea and you’re ready to go back to spreadsheets.

HR software is largely designed for recruitment that needs to attract a large number of candidates and then go through a series of steps to narrow down to one final person who is offered the job. In seasonal hiring, you need to be able to open the doors wide and engage quickly with many jobseekers so that you get as many people with the core skill set onsite when you need them.

Speed to hire

Jobseekers will take another job while they’re waiting to make it through the pipeline hiring process.

This year more than ever, securing workers quickly is critical to the success of your business. Our research into jobseeker behaviour shows that they will send applications to multiple employers. So, while you are working through the funnel screening process in your HR software, they have already taken a job somewhere else. Jobseekers need to know where they stand straight away—can they have the job or not—or they’ll go somewhere else.


You pay every month for something you only use for part of the year.

HR software will charge you a monthly subscription. So you’ll be paying a fee for months when you aren’t doing any hiring.

And another trap to watch out for—if you can’t see the price of the HR software on the website, you’re heading for the ‘it depends’ trap. That’s a signal that there are setup and customisation costs involved and that is often an indicator of more time and effort on your part.

And here's the sell: PICMI is designed to meet the burst needs of seasonal hiring. It takes 10mins to get up and running with industry templates, jobseekers can apply and sign contracts in 20mins and it is free to use - you only pay for signed contracts.


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