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Summerfruit recruitment strategies

It was wonderful to see Summerfruit NZ profiled in The Orchardist magazine talking about their industry's successful labour recruitment and retention strategies.

"For employers, being organised early will again be crucial," said Tracey Mansfield, labour coordinator for Summerfruit NZ. "Growers have had to look at alternative sources of labour for the past two seasons and those who have had success in securing staff have used various tools to do so."

Maree Denniston from Central Organics and Kris Robb from Clyde Orchards talked about how they had used PICMI to simplify their seasonal hiring. Maree was delighted to not have to repeat the induction process for every new worker who joined.

"It's not so bad when you sit down and do an induction with 20 people at once, but that is not always how it works. You get two more come on and then another three come on and every day you are hearing the same induction and hearing my voice over and over again. With PICMI, I don't ever have to worry about that again."

For some great insights about how to attract and retain seasonal workers, read the article in the May issue of The Orchardist.


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