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First choice, faster

PICMI is a simple tool that speeds up the process of hiring seasonal workers by up to 70%. Job seekers know straight away if they have a job or not, which makes your role their first choice. Sound good? You can be hiring online with our industry-standard templates in just 10 minutes.

Apple Orchard PICMI

How does it work?



Use our industry templates to create your job listing, application questions, online induction and contract—all within 10mins. Put the link to PICMI in your job ads or send email invites to job seekers. Then sit back.



All in one place. You can track job seekers as they apply and sign their contract. Then you have access to their details and documentation.



Job seekers apply through PICMI and if they meet your criteria, they do the induction and sign the contract online—all within 20mins (and no effort from you).



Export the data for easy sharing with other systems like payroll and orchard management software.

Let us show you how PICMI
can work for you

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