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Seasonal Hiring Essentials

Seasonal hiring is evolving. The competition for workers gets tougher every year.  So businesses are evolving their seasonal hiring processes to secure large numbers of workers but stay out of the weeds of paperwork, missing/incorrect data and repetitive data entry.

PICMI—Seasonal Hiring Essentials 12-step Checklist.png

Find out how you can save time and money with our 12-step checklist

ATTRACT—Tips and resources

Seasonal Hiring Diagram—Attract (exploded).jpg
Seasonal Hiring Diagram—Assess (exploded).jpg

ASSESS—Tips and resources

ONBOARD—Tips and resources

Seasonal Hiring Diagram—Onboard (exploded).jpg

Or if you want to just skip all that

Give us 30mins of your time for a seasonal hiring consult. We'll explore your specific challenges and show you how PICMI can leapfrog your seasonal hiring to the next level. 

PICMI is paperless seasonal hiring

Speed up the process of hiring seasonal workers by up to 70% and only pay when job seekers sign a contract. You can be hiring online with our industry-standard templates in just 10 minutes.

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