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PICMI - the why, what and how

What is PICMI?

  • PICMI is a simple tool that helps agribusinesses to dramatically simplify their seasonal hiring and get job seekers from applying to accepting a contract within 30 mins.

What problems does it solve?

Seasonal hiring creates many frustrations for agribusinesses:

  • Spending hours hiring people that don’t turn up

  • Struggling to work out if they have enough people and if those people can start when they’re needed

  • Managing job ads and applications across many different job boards

  • Manually typing the same information across different systems like payroll and orchard management software

  • Overwhelming demands to respond quickly to emails, phone calls and walk-ins

  • And spending time on paperwork instead of focusing on the work that matters

Just like online banking has completely changed the way we manage our finances, so PICMI has completely changed the way growers do their seasonal hiring.

Customers who use PICMI have said:

  • “If we get to a point where a couple of workers drop off, or we need to hire more - it’s been really easy to just flip the PICMI switch, hire and then move on.” Mark Ballantyne, Pro Kiwi

  • “I’ve forgotten how hard it used to be for us. Now I just send the email (from the couch!) and then check in the morning. That’s it.” Michelle Reekie, Reekie Trust

  • “PICMI is really helping us attract the calibre of people we need and want.” Gretchen McNally, Strode Road Orchards

  • Here’s more from our customers about life before and after PICMI

  • And here's stories about three Central Otago Summerfruit growers and the results they've seen

How does it work?

  • We have industry-standard templates that mean businesses can be set up to start hiring online in just 10mins.

  • The next step is for businesses to put a link to PICMI in their job ads or send email invites to jobseekers.

  • The jobseekers then complete the application and if they meet the criteria, they do the induction and sign the contract online (usually takes them about 20-30mins all up).

  • Businesses can track jobseekers as they sign up and then access their details and contract documentation.

  • The data on jobseekers (like IRD number and bank account details) can then be easily shared with other systems like payroll and orchard management software. And the data is exportable for audit reporting and for use in forms like ATRs.

  • In terms of how much it costs—user accounts and use of the tool are all free, businesses only pay $19+GST for each signed employment contract.

  • Here’s some more on how it works

We hope that helps you to understand a bit more about PICMI. We'd love the chance to learn more about your business and explore how PICMI can help. Please get in touch for a demo.


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