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How early can you secure your returning workers?

We've seen growers lock in their returning workers up to five months in advance. This gives certainty to the workers and certainty to you. Some growers have been able to secure up to 60% of their workforce from returning workers alone. And they say that these are the workers who turn up when they say they will and stay for the season.

PICMI is all about paperless seasonal hiring that dramatically reduces the time and effort to hire. So let us help you to secure your returning workers early—get them signed up and ready to work—just by sending them a link.


3 ways to lock in returning workers

We'll step through the 3 best ways to lock in your returning workers. Whether you prefer phone and email, a google form, or if you're ready to venture into the scalability of an email campaign, we set out the pros and cons of each approach plus a few tips along the way.

How many questions do you need to ask?

This may seem a strange thing to say, but the more questions you ask, the higher the risk that you will get no response at all. What is the bare minimum of data you need from a returning worker in order to secure them and still be able to forecast your labour capacity needs?


Growers share seasonal hiring tips and techniques

Hear what growers have to say about getting seasonal workers this year.

Don't just take our word for it

Kris Robb, Clyde Orchards

62% of my staff are coming back and I’ve nearly locked in everyone I need for this coming season. All I’ve done is written one email in the last month and the system has sent 192 emails for me. I now know what job they are interested in and when they want to start. All this and I’ve done nothing!


We can help

We've worked with growers across New Zealand and we'd love to share what we've learned with you.


We can help you to setup an email campaign to secure your returning workers. And show you how one link from PICMI can then sign up those workers and send their data into payroll and other systems so they are ready to work.

PICMI is paperless seasonal hiring

Speed up the process of hiring seasonal workers by up to 70% and only pay when job seekers sign a contract. You can be hiring online with our industry-standard templates in just 10 minutes.

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